• Kristi Sachs

To know yourself is to love yourself

When I take a moment to think about the world and current events, I feel like we're switching into a new way of living our lives. It seems as though society is beginning to comprehend that our “battles” can no longer occur outside ourselves. There is an awakening to the idea that our biggest battle is internal, not external. One of the most frightening things people face is learning to be alone with ourselves, sit in silence, and focus on what is going on inside us. We live in a culture that prizes busyness, and when confronted with our own thoughts without the trimmings, we fear that we won’t like who we are in stillness. If you were in a room with someone who wasn’t afraid to point out their perception of your shortcomings, you have the ability to get up and walk away. What happens when it's your own mind doing the tearing down? Many people give up on themselves in this narrative, and that’s when the self-sabotage starts. They find ways to destroy everything around themselves so they can be the rejector rather than the rejected. This creates an endless cycle of loneliness, self deprecation, and misery that can lead to illness, destroy relationships and end many of the positives the person could never acknowledge.

When we cycle and learn to love the uniqueness we each possess, we come to the understanding that even through the angriest thoughts the nastiest days, we can find joy. Ending all the little self sabotaging battles that cycle into war self rage allows us to truly become the people we were meant to be. All of this begins with the concept that this is the only moment that is real. If we can get to the real current moment we can truly create the magic we've been looking for. That magic isn’t sitting in front of us or located somewhere to be to traveled to, it’s within ourselves when we are truly present. If we’re lost in thoughts of the future or replaying the past, it’s a never ending track, that cycle of continual tear down. Replaying the same thoughts over and over again can never move a soul forward. Wondering how to remove yourself from this endless loop? Take a moment to realize the ball has always been in your court and take a moment to simply breathe. Take another deep, cleansing breath… then take a moment to do some research on Mindfulness. I think you’ll like what you see, and when you’re ready, call me for your 20-minute free session so we can discuss the next step in changing your life. I hope you have a beautiful day, I'll talk to you soon.

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