• Kristi Sachs

That underwater feeling...

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Are you overwhelmed? Mindfulness teaches us to live in the present moment. While we're in this present moment, we're capable of choosing which thoughts we'd like to get involved in. This power to choose our thoughts comes with the added power to choose how we're going to feel about the situation and the angle of our perceptions. Therefore, if you're feeling overwhelmed, consider it a trigger telling you it's time to look at your boundaries. What are boundaries? Everyone has a different perception on the definition of a boundary, and what it means to them. My definition of boundaries is: When we start to feel uncomfortable in a situation, we need to stop... bring our awareness into the present moment, then identify what is happening in the present moment. Only then can we decide how we're going to move forward through our thoughts and our feelings. When we get close to a boundary, it can create feelings of uncertainty. We can feel unsure which way to proceed, because our minds tend to travel to thoughts of past or future events. These thoughts can dictate how to move forward in this present moment without our control. Uncertainty is a trigger to tell you that you're getting close to a boundary, but instead of objectively becoming aware of these boundaries, we become irritated, frustrated, and tend to miss opportunities. It seems as though these feelings are flooding in all at once, when in reality the only thing truly happening is the present moment. Workflow Mindfulness can teach people how to understand triggers, boundaries, and other obstacles. In learning where our blocks are, we can then get to this present moment. My unique way of teaching gives my clients the space that they need to come to terms with their own decisions while supporting them throughout their journey. I have a depth of knowledge of the business world which gives me a unique perspective on how to handle these situations within a work setting. The programs help people start to realize that this is the only moment that's real. Let me help you find this moment, then you can truly live the life you want to live versus the path you were told to follow. Comment below if you’re feeling overwhelmed!

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