• Kristi Sachs

Do you see what I see?

Perspective... what does it mean to you? Each individual is going to have a different answer to that question. Every person sees life with a different perspective based on the various events they’ve experienced. If you’re someone who wants to wear a mask during this pandemic, you have your reasons. If you’re someone who doesn’t, you have your reasons. The question here isn’t whether or not someone should wear a mask, at this point it’s not only common courtesy, mask wearing protects the community around you. The question that arises from this is: Have you taken the time to consider the opposing viewpoint? You have to understand that while the world is in the difficult process of trying to heal itself, some people need extra space in order to facilitate their process. If we open that space and allow each other that space to heal and grow, soon we find ourselves able to see each other's perspective. Instead of using differing views to push against each other we are able to use them to grow in love and happiness. All you need to remember is to give someone the space that they need, even if they don’t know how to ask for it. Someone’s opinion has a tendency to become their fact, and if you’re unaware you’re doing so, sometimes you can let your opinions become concrete as well. It is not our job nor our right to try to change each other’s opinions. It is impossible for individuals to each see the world the same way as any other individual, no matter the effort to do so. However, if we each take a moment and focus on the idea that we can work toward being healthy, work toward feeling safe in the place we exist, the hope is that we can start seeing life in an open perspective. We can broaden the narrow lines of thought we’re existing in now. If you feel the need for more control in your life, remember the only thing you can truly control in life are your thoughts, your perceptions, and your feelings. Need help getting there? Schedule your 20 minute free consultation. I'll open your eyes to things you could never imagine just by taking a breath. Talk to you soon.

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