Levels of Guidance for Businesses

Mindfulness will bring your business to the next level. Studies have shown that employees who adopt mindful practices are more at ease with in the workplace, more focused and able to readily stay on task. How does that translate to the overall business?  Happy, centered employees are more productive and successful, whether it be in sales or creative mediums. For more information on Mindfulness in the workplace, see our list of links on our What is Mindfulness page.

WorkFlow Mindfulness Tributary Level

Tributary Plan: The Tributary Plan for corporate Mindfulness focuses on small businesses or a team within a larger company. Designed to guide individuals within the team, then encompassing the team as a group, Tributary is meant to help your team create a better line of communication and community. The Tributary plan begins with individual meetings for each member of the team with their Mindfulness Guide.  This establishes good Mindfulness practices and self awareness within the team.  The follow up group Mindfulness class will bring together all members of the team to create a Mindfulness plan for the working environment.

tl:dr The Tributary Plan includes individual meetings with team members followed by a group meeting to address the team needs for mindfulness.

WorkFlow Mindfulness Wellspring Level

Wellspring Plan: The Wellspring Plan for corporate Mindfulness works with a management level team to provide tools and techniques in creating a mindful workplace.  Management and supervision positions have their own unique pressures and stress levels.  WorkFlow Mindfulness will guide management team members through techniques to ease the perceived pressures of their positions to allow their abilities to shine through.  The Wellspring plan begins with a team meeting to establish mindfulness goals.  Following the team meeting, each management team member will take part in individual sessions with their Mindfulness Guide.

tl:dr The Wellspring plan includes a management team meeting to pinpoint management and staff hot spots, followed by individual sessions for each team member.

WorkFlow Mindfulness Pelagic Level

Pelagic Plan: Is your entire company in need of a deep breath? The Pelagic Plan for corporate Mindfulness can provide just that.  Starting from the management team, the wellness guide will help eliminate perceived pressures and stressers.  The entire staff will then join in for group session.  This will begin a company-wide journey to being centered.  Multiple studies have shown that a Mindful workplace creates a positive staff culture, improved attendance and an overall increase in company productivity.


tl:dr The Pelagic plan includes a small group session for management staff, followed by an encompassing class for the entire staff.

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