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Kristi Sachs is a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner. Her experience in Mindfulness and Meditations ranges from individuals seeking personal peace, to teen groups, to corporate groups looking for focus and clear goal-making strategies. Kristi has a unique perspective in working with corporate clients, as she has been successful in sales for over 25 years. 
She has worked within multi-million-dollar companies and has the experience to understand the pressures of balancing a successful work life and a healthy personal life. Kristi's main goal in coaching any individual or group is to help her clients reach the realization that they CAN take control of their lives, goals, and each moment they live, and to realize that THIS is the only moment that is real.

This is Kristi's Story

Hello, my name is Kristi Sachs. For as long as I could remember, I hated myself. This simple fact caused me to hate everything around me as well. 


From the age of 8, I remember waking up wanting to be dead. At this young age, I already felt cold and broken inside which created the scenario of me turning into an actor in my own life. 


I followed all the rules, thought the pursuit of happiness was the pursuit of money, material objects, and status. I rode that wave for many years and climbed this imaginary goal ladder by using people simply on the basis of how they could help me achieve my goals. I found myself turning off all of my emotions and attachments in order to allow the outside world shape what it thought I should be. It never occurred to me that I could have power over my perceptions, feelings, and thoughts.


In my late 30’s my world broke into a million pieces. In a short span of time, I endured horrific trauma. I had a gun shoved in my face, then soon after that harrowing incident, my best friend died. These two incidences broke my mold of emptiness and apathy. I had an awakening: I did not have to believe the “facts” that I had made true. I could now see what I had done to myself and my life in my disconnection. Everything I knew and the lens through which I viewed the world started to dissolve.


During this meltdown, I felt as though I was being liquified, and my perception of life began to alter. Everything I wanted to run to vanished into thin air, and what I thought was my true self was slowly melting away. Up to that point, the people in my life were seen as a waste of time, and my foundation for living turned out to be smoke and mirrors. 


As I started to awaken from this empty shell, I became aware that there were pieces of me all over the place. I had not had a relationship with myself, my body, or mind since I was a young child. The only genuine emotions I experienced were hate and anger. Those two feelings were consuming me, and I didn’t know how to feel happy, content, or at peace. I finally asked for death one last time. I sat on my bathroom floor and wanted everything to stop. I begged the world, God, spirits, *anything* to just make this pain end. Drugs, risks, alcohol, distractions... nothing helped the overwhelming feeling of regret, failure, and disgust for myself and the life I had created. As I lay on the floor of the bathroom, I began to feel something different. I felt the freedom of choosing my next step. I felt a separation between my body and soul. I felt myself start to leave my lost shell of a body. I was dying! I thought to myself “Finally, it’s over. The pain, the failure, the regret… is this what peace feels like?” 


In that moment I truly felt I had a choice. I could either remain in this hell of emptiness, apathy, and pain, or I could choose how my life would look and feel by embracing my thoughts and emotions. I could no longer let the world push and pull me; I had to make the choices. In that moment I chose a true life!! 


Then the true work began. I had to reassemble all the pieces of me that mattered. In doing so, I had a foundation to build a new, more meaningful, mindful life. In this new life, I had to understand that each moment lived is the only moment that is real and true. In each moment, I can create the life I want to live vs. the life the world told me to live.


The forward momentum of my phoenix rebirth happened when I discovered mindfulness. Mindfulness brought me to the understanding that whatever happens in the present moment, I naturally interact with the event based on the knowledge I have garnered in the past. I need to be mindful in order to disallow my past mistakes from creating perceptions around current situations. In addition, I learned that I can not live solely for the future. Trying to live for the future destroys any current moment I should be experiencing. 


THIS is the only moment that is real. You cannot allow your past experiences to fully shape your current reality. You cannot allow the future to consume you to the point of losing the beauty that is NOW. Let go of control, breathe deeply, and see how amazing a single moment can be.

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